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Bombay Bramble | Blackberry & Raspberry Gin 750ML

Price: $68.99 / bottle You Pay: $29.99 / bottle

SKU: WBAFLSG-9874171A1
Bombay Sapphire have created a vibrant gin which is bursting with the natural flavours of blackberries and raspberries. Using only blackberries and raspberries which are harvested at their ripest, they ensure the rich character of the berries is imparted in the gin. They don't add any addition sugars, so the level of sweetness comes only from the berries. Perfectly balanced with the vibrant juniper notes of their classic signature gin, this is a real fruit infusion giving only natural flavours and a distinct colour. Both the aroma and taste are rich in the berries flavours, with a delicious backdrop of gentle spice.

Type : Gin