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Chardonnay is so elegant that you'll want to save it for the most special occasions. Normally made as a dry white wine, as opposite to sweet it is often medium- to full-bodied . The flavors in Chardonnay come from the grape itself, the winemaking procedure. The chardonnay grape alters to a wide array of climates, so winemakers from various regions can produce this white wine. Every region maintains a somewhat distinct variety of the grape, so chardonnays from various places in the world have distinct taste profiles, every chardonnay reflects the qualities of its land.

Oak-aged chardonnay are rich, full-bodied and have notes of vanilla, butter coconut and even caramel. The versions from areas with a cooler climate, contain crisp notes of green apple and is acidic. Variations from areas with warmer climates, are less acidic, with rich, ripe fruit tastes from papaya, passion fruit and pineapple and generally full bodied with higher alcohol. With most chardonnay makers use dry vilification methods, which result in flavors that are sweet to the taste.