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Wine Cantine Cellaro, "Luma" Grillo, Terre Siciliane - 750ML

Wine Cantine Cellaro, "Luma" Grillo, Terre Siciliane - 750ML

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Wine Cantine Cellaro, "Luma" Grillo, Terre Siciliane 750ML

Refined white wine Cantine Cellaro, "Luma" Grillo is a wine-growing region of Sicily. Here grow Grillo variety that to achieve optimum ripeness are carefully harvested by hand. Berries are delicate pressing, the resulting wort is fermented at low temperatures to preserve freshness and flavor of grape. Vinification carried out in stainless steel tanks.

Fresh, delicate taste Cantina Sellar, "Luma" Grillo best complement seafood and smoked fish, as well with rice. Serve it slightly chilled to complement the meal.


The wine is rich straw-yellow color.


The taste of wine - a fresh, intense and persistent, moderate-intensity and with a nice balance of acidity. The chord is dominated by shades of exotic fruit and notes of ripe fruits of the garden, decorated with light touches of almonds.


Pleasant fruity aroma of the wine reveals hints of apple, bright touches of tropical fruits and a hint of roasted nuts.


The wine is best served with fish dishes, seafood, as well as side dishes: risotto, cous-Kusu or fish soups. It goes well with smoked fish

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