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Sorel Liqueur - 750ML

Sorel Liqueur - 750ML

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The natives of the Caribbean islands have long known the hibiscus plant to be a potent spice. Renown for its curative properties–and as a powerful aphrodisiac–they would ferment its flowers, and serve on festive occasions. Each island enjoyed slight differences in their recipes, relative to their indigenous horticulture. It is with great respect for its traditional heritage we present a modern twist on an exotic classic: The brightness of Brazilian clove. The warmth of Indonesian cassia. The heat of Nigerian ginger. The woody bottom of Indonesian nutmeg. The full, aromatic body of Moroccan hibiscus. Pure cane sugar. The finest organic grain alcohol. This is Sorel. Delicious ice cold or piping hot, drink it straight or recreate your favorite classic cocktails.

30 Proof


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