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Rock N Roll Tequila - Cristalino Reposado - 750mL

Rock N Roll Tequila - Cristalino Reposado - 750mL

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Cristalino Reposado 
Now introducing our newest limited edition, ultra-premium offering, Rock N Roll Cristalino Reposado. We take our perfectly matured 100% blue weber agave and age it in French Oak barrels for three months. Then with our four-step filtration process, we remove all impurities while keeping the beautiful complex flavors of our Reposado untouched. The result is a crystal clear Reposado tequila made from the family of Casa Aceves - a third-generation Master Distiller in the Highlands of Jalisco.

Beautifully complex yet smooth with notes of caramel, vanilla, mint, and oak, finished with a lingering baseline of baked agave.

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