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Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whisky - 750ML

You Pay: $37.99 / bottle


Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Whiskey® is crafted using the skill of our head distiller to deliver a unique flavor profile. This spirit is produced using a blend of premium bourbons, the oldest has been aged for 10 years in new oak barrels and has a grist bill made up of 75% yellow corn and 21% rye with 4% 2-row malted barley rounding out the ingredients. This golden colored whiskey has an appealing silky texture and flavors that are reminiscent of dried tropical fruit, delicate savory spice, vanilla and leather. The finish is dry, featuring a caramel and nutty impression with a fruity background. Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Whiskey® is a very approachable spirit full of American character and is appreciated both neat and in your favorite whiskey cocktails.

Type : Whisky