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Grand Old Parr Scotch 12 Year - 750ML

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SKU: WBASG-282414A1

Grand Old Parr Scotch 12 Year - 750ML

Grand Old Parr brings the Scottish heart and the Latin soul in creating a one of a kind blended scotch whiskey. Old Parr was named after Thomas Parr, said to be England's longest-lived man, aged 152 and 9 months when he died in 1635. His long life symbolized the maturity of the whiskies and his wisdom of skill and knowledge to produce the whiskies. In 1871, Scottish Brothers James and Samuel Greenless established their whiksy blender and merchant business at Gresham builidings in the city of London. The Greenless Brothers believed that combining the best whiskies at the right point could produce extraordinary flavor. James and Samuel became two of the most skilled and successful pioneers of the blended whisky business during that period of time. In 1871, Emperor Meji of Japan dispatched his foreign minister, Iwakura Tomomi, on a two year diplomatic trip of America and Europe, known as the Iwakura Mission. He wasn't successful on his primary mission, however he did bring a case of his favorite scotch whisky back to Japan. In 1921 Old Parr made a presence in Latin America, with it's first shipments to the region. Today the Latin America and Caribbean Account for the vast majority of Old Parr Global Sales. In 1979 Macdonald Greenless LTD. is awarded the Queen's Award for Export Achievement. Old Parr 12 is a full-flavored Scotch whisky that goes down smoothly and enriches the palate with a burst of flavors. The master blender uses several different types of casks from several distilleries to create the sensational flavor and taste. This resulted in a perfect balance of soft green leaves, honey, and fruity notes. The color of the blended scotch has a bright golden edge, the aromas are clean, light, and crisp. The ripe fruitness carries throughout the palate with a nice, clean, and smooth finish.

Type : Scotch