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George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ML

George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ML

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Saying George Remus was just a bootlegger is like saying Hemingway was just a writer. In the 1920s, if baseball had Ruth, bourbon had Remus. But this King George didn't reside in England, he was a son of Cincinnati. Starting as an apothecary, he soon found a loophole or two to craft bourbon for medicinal purposes. Knowing a great opportunity when he saw it, and a great bourbon when he created it, he began his Prohibition empire. While he respected the Volstead Act, to King George, it was but a mere suggestion. Holding uncompromising standards, King George demanded two things from his circle of trusted workers: a mash bill to his exact specifications, and of course, the ability to keep a secret. But when you craft a bourbon this good, a secret can be a hard thing to keep.

Aroma : Sweet with notes of maple and vanilla. Taste : Hint of vanilla and a sweet - yet - characteristic rye flavor. Finish : Smooth, long finish, giving way to the subtle vanilla sweetness.

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