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Erstwhile Henequén Mezcal - 750ML

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Erstwhile Henequén Mezcal - 750ML

Henequén (Agave Fourcroydes) is an agave varietal indigenous to the Yucatán Peninsula. It is not indigenous to, and thus rarely seen, in Oaxaca or any of the other mezcal-producing states of Mexico. Consequently, mezcal made from Henequén is rarely seen even in Mexico, and practically unheard of outside of Mexico.

Tasting Notes: Mineral and saline notes of clay and wet earth. Reminds us of the smell of fresh rain in the Oaxacan countryside. Also the subtle fragrance and sweetness of corn meal, evoking fresh atole and tamales. It is a smooth easy sipper, so the finish may surprise you: slightly spicy, with a tingly numbness that lingers on the tongue and reminds us of Sichuan peppercorns.

Type : Tequila