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Deerhammer American Single Malt - 750ML

Deerhammer American Single Malt - 750ML

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Deerhammer American Single Malt - 750ML

Deerhammer Single Malt Whiskey is our cornerstone contribution to the field of American craft spirits. Starting its life as a porter-style 100% malted barley mash, it’s further shaped by open-air fermentation before passing through our stills and maturing in charred virgin white oak. Boasting a complex profile with notes of coffee and chocolate, you won’t mistake it for its Scottish or Irish counterparts. It’s a uniquely American product, with an exceptional taste of place, and we invite you to take your first sip with an explorer’s state of mind. 

At 92 proof, Deerhammer Single Malt provides fantastic boldness and richness of flavor without overpowering the senses. Compared to a mass market 80 proof whiskey, our Single Malt provides extraordinary flavor extraction with the addition of a few drops of water (or a single ice cube on a warm day).


Aromas: toasty peanut and cashew brittle, roasted cacao, caramel, oatcake and hay. 

Flavors: Breakfast cereal, dark chocolate, coffee, graham cracker and tobacco.

Finish: Dry yet fruity; medium to full body with a subtly creamy, peppery, chocolate finish.

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