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Shibui Whisky Pure Malt 750 ML

You Pay: $77.99 / bottle

SKU: WBASG-975435A
Shibui whiskies are crafted in multiple award-winning distilleries from two different regions of Japan, making their range of whiskies truly unique. Shibui World Blends showcase the art of Niigata Master Blenders who create exquisite marriages of flavor using multi-cask maturation. Shibui Single Grain whiskies are a reflection of the Japanese distilleries in Okinawa who distill the grains of the land and make whisky unlike any other. Trailblazers in transparency, Shibui wants consumers to know exactly what is in the glass. Shibui shares details about their distilleries, grains, blends, fermentation, distillation and maturation, as well as the fact that all Shibui whiskies are 100% natural in color and non-chill filtered.

Type : Whisky