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Ballotin Bourbon Ball Whisky - 750ML

You Pay: $34.99 / bottle

SKU: WBABT-9197668A1

Ballotin Bourbon Ball Whisky - 750ML

A blend of craft-chocolate and fine whiskey. Whiskey, natural flavor & caramel color. These distinctive whiskey and chocolate pairings complement and elevate any occasion. Ballotin Bourbon Ball re-invents an iconic favorite. Velvety chocolate notes and rich buttercream meld with the whiskey’s toasted oak to create a decadent taste experience. Distilled from grain. Made famous by Belgian chocolatiers, the Ballotin - a stylish box specially made to protect fine chocolates - remains one of the world’s most recognizable symbols of elegance and delight. Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey adds to that legacy of sophisticated indulgence by pairing our hand selected whiskies with the artisanal flavors of finely crafted chocolate.

Type : Whisky