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Angostura® Cask Collection No.1 Oloroso Sherry

Angostura® Cask Collection No.1 Oloroso Sherry

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This is the third edition from Angostura’s Cask Collection, a range of limited edition which is entirely dedicated to rums matured in different types of casks. The Cask Collection celebrates the House of Angostura's® rich heritage and artistry in blending some of the world’s finest rums, and is a testament to Don Carlos Siegert, son of the brand’s founder, whose dream it was to make the “smoothest blend in the new world.” “Angostura® Cask Collection No.1 Oloroso Sherry is a masterwork, a one-of-a-kind rum that reaches the highest achievement in the rum world – an exquisite roundness and smoothness without sacrificing personality,” says Angostura’s Chief Executive Officer, Genevieve Jodhan.

Angostura No. 1 Oloroso Sherry Cask Rum Tasting Notes

Nose: This silky smooth, complex rum is a beautiful amber with superb clarity. Warm, rounded aromas.

Palate: A delicate nose of cocoa, molasses, oak and sweet prune inform the well-rounded blend, which offers flavours of woodiness, roasted nuts and hints of sherry

Finish: A medium rounded and oaky finish.

Distillery Information

The House of Angostura, also known as Angostura Limited, is a Trinidad and Tobago company famous for the production of Angostura bitters, invented by the company's founder. The company is also a distiller and is the major producer of rum in Trinidad and Tobago.


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