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Appleton Estate Black River Casks 15yr Rum 750ml

Price: $74.99 / bottle You Pay: $69.99 / bottle

SKU: WBASG-512773A

Appleton Estate Black River Casks 15yr Rum 750ml

This expression is comprised of rums aged a minimum of fifteen years on the island and is full of all the distinctiveness of a Jamaican rum and all the complexity of a mature spirit. The newest addition to Appleton Estate's regular lineup, this is named as an homage to the Black River of Jamaica’s Nassau Valley, which supplies the limestone-filtered water used to create all of the distillery’s products. It's a blend of rums, both pot and column still, aged for at least 15 years in the tropical heat of Jamaica. Nuanced, flavorful, and intensely aromatic, notes of toasted almond and hazelnut open it, with flavors of burnt orange peel, molasses, vanilla, allspice, clove, candied ginger, cooked banana, and roasted coffee following. Bottled at 43% abv.


Type : Rum