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Looking for Buy Gin Online? Explore our incredible collection of Gin includes varieties Of Dry Gin, Flavored Gin, And more. Gin is a clear, distilled spirit with dominant botanical flavors of juniper berry and dried fruit and its name comes from the French name of the juniper berry main ingredient, "genievre." which give the liquor its unique pine aroma. Drinkers soon shortened the name to "gin." There are two types of gin. Distilled gin is made by distilling a mash, correlated to manufacture of brandy or whiskey and Redistilled gin is made from the second traditional stills of a neutral spirit and and it is usually light bodied, aromatic, heavy on juniper and very dry. Both types obtain their flavor from infusion of juniper berries and botanical bill ingredients. There is also compound gin, neutral spirit with juniper berry extract and essences to gain taste.

All about Gin

A Short Story of Gin and How It Was Invented for Medicinal Purposes

Gin was originally made and invented in the Netherlands. It’s key component is the juniper berry  was used for medical effects which were ingested to combat against fever and colds. Therefore it was  invented by the Dutch doctor Franciscus Sylvius de la Boe  where he made schnaps distilled with juniper berries "genievre" the French name of the juniper berry.Genever” came to England, where its name was shorten to today’s “Gin” where it was a popular choice for the rich there upscale cocktails.

Its most famous cocktail Gin and Tonicarose in British occupied India , the soldiers had to consume quinine  to stop Malaria. To cover up the sour taste, the British soldiers added water, sugar and lime with Gin. Hence the first Gin Tonic was born. The British then propagate their love for via there colonial exploits via the Commonwealth countries and global exporting voyages

Its introduction to American resulted in a purer gin via of column-still distillate expertise  which made “London dry gin.” America’s gin story is primarily bound to cocktails, Martini and its blend of gin, vermouth and lemon peel as well as Gimlet and Gin & Tonic also aided set gin as a high-value spirit. Gin remained as America’s best-loved spirit up until vodka topped it in the 1960s.

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