How To Serve And Drink It Right:  Cabernet Sauvignon for a meal

How To Serve And Drink It Right: Cabernet Sauvignon for a meal


With several unique wines to select from, you could have a tough time determining which you will serve at your dinner gathering. One of the most popular red wines is Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is a fantastic option for serving at a gathering. It’s best to serve up Cabernet Sauvignon along with a wide-ranging selection of brash, tasty dishes and hors d’oeuvres.

Originally from France, it is now a well-liked selection produced in California. The hearty, complex taste of Cabernet Sauvignon can accentuate the rich flavor of beef and well seasoned meats, vegetables, or seafood. Usually, it is best to stay away from combining Cabernet Sauvignon with meal, such as oily fish and gently seasoned chicken dishes.

Choose The Bottle

Once you are looking at various bottles, understand that the older, the more mellow the wine. When drinking the mature wines, they turn out to be smoother, which lets you to appreciate your food. If you serve a bottle that is too fresh, it might be too strong and will overwhelm the flavor of the food you are serving. Cabernet Sauvignon can be served both before the meal and along with dinner, and the perfect serving temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cool/ Chill the Bottle

When you serve Cabernet Sauvignon, you need to make sure that the temperature is right. It is probable to over chill, just as it is likely to serve it just a little too warm. To allow your bottle to come to the right temperature, take it from room temperature and let it sit in the refrigerator, or ice bucket would do till temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


Open your bottle, introducing air back to the liquid in the container, the flavorings, scents and textures will vivid upon pouring in your glass. This lets the drink have the finest flavor and allows some of the scents out that might hide the genuine smell. You could pour the wine into a decanter so that it can aerate much faster. For mature, old wines, decanting can remove any dregs that may have remained during wine storage also adding oxygen can open finest flavor of wine and give it extra vitality. Cabernet is a vivacious wine and benefits from decanting or using an aeration device. Remember to set aside time to work the decanting process on the wine.

Wine Pouring

Your drink will perhaps have some dregs in it which does not mean that the drink is terrible. It is just the grape pigments and tannins have broken remained. When you pour, use a flue that has a filter to catch the sediment, which will also help to aerate the drink. Once the drink reaches the broadest part of your glass, you can stop and allow your guests to spin the drink and not spill. If you want to hugely impress your dinner guests at your party, make sure to read up on a few tips and think of how to choose, cool, and aerate your bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon before you pour it in the ideal glass and you will have victory.


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