How To Serve And Drink It Right: Merlot for a meal

How To Serve And Drink It Right: Merlot for a meal

Part of our ongoing series on pairing wine with food!

In general, Merlot wine can be grouped into two key varieties: 

  • “Transnational” uses totally ripened grape types and produces a  full-bodied, very strong wines.
  • “Conventional” or Bordeaux wine variety creates medium-bodied wines with a solid red fruit taste. 

The flavour of the Merlot grape red wine also varies depending on the region and climate.  

Cool climate Merlot includes grape varieties produced across France, Chile and Italy  and have wines with rather simple flavors of tobacco.

Merlot wine is habitually given an oak cure that gives out its red fruity flavors with a green note and made in warmer regions like Australia, Argentina and California, is a very sweet wine with sweet flavors.


Here are a few tips to accomplish the ideal Merlot food pairing for your next party:

  • Think about the consistency of your red wine. Medium to full-bodied Merlot would be paired with heavy serving dishes like steak with dense sauciness to offset the strong flavors, whilst tannins are often balanced tough cheese or fresh lean meat. Merlot and Fresh lean meats are superb recipe such as pork tenderloin, steak, Lamb Chops, Stew goat and filet mignon. Merlot pairs excellently with white meat of chicken and pork . Adding rosemary, thyme, and sage to your dishes are great linking aspects to similar traits found in Merlot. Try to include lightly spiced meat like a jerk pork chop or steak that dominate the fruity hints of this red wine. The wine’s acidity and structure complement the tartness of cranberries with chicken dishes such as lean chicken breasts, it is perfected with the medium acidity and tannins of the wine.


  • Consider where your Merlot was produced. Warm temperature Merlot pairs with fruit salads and desserts. Temperate climate Merlot will handle tomato sauce based dishes like pasta and pizza better owing to their strong taste. Merlot combines very well with roasted vegetables, mushrooms and beans as well as other earthy ingredients like shallots and/or garlic, Serve the red wine with tomato-based pasta or sauce, or other gravy-based dishes to balance the low acidity usually associated with Merlot. Please note that Cuisine made with too much salt will make Merlots with above average alcohol taste hot.


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