Red, White and Blue !

Red, White and Blue !

 Celebrate July 4th this year with some refreshingly cold beverages and delicious grilled bbq food. Summertime is finally here and what better time than now to finesse your cocktail making skills. Nothing is more satisfactory than a frozen, fruity or citrusy drink in hand while enjoying the sunshine in your backyard.

Summer cocktails are some of our favorites here at Wine Barrica: from sweet strawberries and basil to zesty lime and mint. You can add it to a blender for an icy treat or just pour it on the rocks for a perfect way to beat the heat. At Wine Barrica, we have everything you need to make your next summer party one for the memories. Stock up your bar today with all the different types of liquor for an extra fun summer.

We carry many varieties of Vodka, Rum (Golden or white) Tequila (try a spicy one for an added kick with your Margaritas) Gin, Whiskey, Triple Sec, Grenadine, Blue Curacao, Vermouth and Brandy.

Be sure to add to your Wine collection as well - Sangria is another delicious summer time treat ! From Dry, crisp Whites, to light Reds and Rose. Don't forget about the Sparkling wine! Sunday Mimosas anyone ?!

You'll want to make yourself a simple syrup, (you can buy one at your local shop or find a recipe online to make your own) Margarita salt to rim, a cocktail shaker and muller tool for herbs.

A few of our favorite summer cocktails at Wine Barrica are;

The Classic Mojito - Refreshing Cuban cocktail made with Rum, fresh lime simple syrup and mint. Topped with soda water and ice. Try this cocktail with The Real McCoy Aged Rum 3 year old.

The Real McCoy aged rum single blended 3 year old

The Classic Margarita - Tequila, triple sec, lime and tossed on the rocks in a glass with a salted rim. We always suggest Patron Silver Tequila for margaritas !

Patron Tequila Silver

Dekuyper Triple Sec

Hangar Vodka Spritzer with Strawberries and Basil - Vodka, mulled strawberries and basil, poured over ice with sparkling water and topped with a lime wedge. Hangar vodka is a California made spirit with a clean taste perfect for this cocktail.

Hanger One Vodka

Red or White Sangria - This signature summer drink can be made with your preference of wine. Add fruit (Berries for Red, Citus for white) to the Wine and Brandy, let it sit for 20 mins. Add in some sparkling water or fruit juice depending on how sweet you want it. I always choose a dry wine to help balance the sugars from the fruit! Refrigerate for 1-4 hours before serving

Try this white for your next citrus summer sangria.

Martin Ray Chardonnay

Hendricks Gin Basil Smash - Simple yet refreshing ! All you need is Gin, basil leaves, lemon juice and simple syrup. Muddle the basil (8-10 leaves per drink) , add to your glass with ice, pour over the lemon juice, syrup, gin and a splash of soda water to top it up. 

Hendricks Gin

Fourth of July Special Cocktail *

Red, White and Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush with Absolut Vodka

You'll need 9 cups of ice

1 cup Grenadine

1 cup Blue Curacao

1 cup Vodka

1 cup Lemonade

Using a food processor or blender, crush 3 cups of ice and grenadine syrup together until slushy. Make sure it's thick. Set aside

Repeat this step with the Blue Curacao with 3 cups of ice until slushy and set it aside as well.

Add vodka, lemonade and remaining 3 cups of ice and blend until slushy.

Prepare the drinks by layering the flavors in this order: Grenadine, Blue Curacao and finish with the Vodka lemonade on top. Serve immediately !

Check out these links below for our products to make this delicious, patriotic cocktail!

Absolute Vodka

Roses Grenadine

Mr Boston Blue Curacao

(*Recipe from @homemadehooplah)


We hope you enjoy these summer drink recipes as much as we do !! Happy Summer 2022


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