Rock N Roll Tequila

Rock N Roll Tequila

Rock N Roll Imports introduced a new brand of triple-distilled tequila, Rock N Roll Tequila. The brand also is rolling out in its “Serve Loud” Tour in select cities across the country. Made with 100 percent blue agave, the tequila is offered in three varietals: Platinum, which is handcrafted, triple distilled and offers a smooth taste; Mango, which is double distilled with high-quality natural mango flavor and no added sugar; and Cristalino, an añejo tequila that is uniquely distilled, barrel aged for two to three years and filtered, the company says. The tequila is packaged in unique guitar-shaped glass bottles, which feature a 50-ml bottle top called a “roadie,” which offers an extra two shots of the premium tequila.

Since that time, the brand has changed ownership, though the same distillery, operated by Master Distiller Jose Aceves, is still making the product and is apparently still using the same recipes and production process — though changes are in the works. Rock N Roll reached out to us with some of this information and to ask for an updated review — including a new review of the Cristalino, which we were never able to taste because it was damaged in shipping back in 2017.

So here we go, with, at last, a look at the three core products in the Rock N Roll lineup, sans a limited release “Silver” bottling, a blanco tequila which is double distilled in contrast to the Platinum bottling’s triple distillate and is seemingly intended exclusively for a Hard Rock Hotel in Florida. 


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